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Residential Window Cleaning

We Care!

  When it comes to residential window cleaning,Great care is taken when working in your home. Screens are carefully removed and cleaned with soap and water outside of the house dried and reinstalled. Window frames are wiped down with professional microfiber cleaning rags. Windows are wet, scrubbed and squeegeed clean.  QWC only uses professional window cleaning squeegees and constantly changes old or worn out squeegee rubbers.  This is the key to producing quality results.

  Animal droppings, paint and pollen are scraped off using industry approved window cleaning razor blades.

  When cleaning interior windows, drop cloths are placed on the floor to prevent dirty water from dripping onto the carpet or floor. Ladder bonnets are placed on the top of ladders to prevent any markings on white walls when cleaning high windows in the interior of the house.

Experience, Safety and Security


Our residential window cleaners are screened with back round checks, must have at least 2 years experience to work independently, and are also members of HAWC (Hawaiian Association of Window Cleaning).An institution for discussing, demonstrating, sharing and practicing   the latest modern techniques.The proper use of pure water fed poles, ladder safety, special tools for special hard to reach glass panes and safely cleaning tempered glass are just some of the things discussed at a typical HAWC Meeting. QWC is proud to have never had a single window cleaning accident  in its ten years of business and always practices and teaches the art working safe.


Yes we do louvers too! With our own design , The pure water fed louver brush is made to clean louvers faster and better than ever.Our Pure water fed louver brush will brush and rinse your louvers clean as dirt runs down the exterior of you house in the same way as the rain does.Any excess water is quikly wiped up.Pure water dries spot free so it wont leave any water stains left behind like tap water does.

 In areas were  the water runoff is undesired   louvers are cleaned by the traditional  3 rag method of wet ,wipe  and polish. Clear louvers are squeegeed  one by one to a clean and clear state.

Water Fed Poles!

We can safely clean  very difficult windows to reach (up to 60 feet) standing from the ground! Cleaning windows the simpole way with a  carbon fiber pole, and 100% pure water that runs through an on site water purification system (de-ionization tank).

How does it work?
Water is pumped through a hose reel, up a telescopic or sectional Water Fed Pole. It then is pumped through jets in the brush where it is sprayed onto the glass. When the brush contacts with the surface of the glass and frames, it lightly agitates the surface, loosening the dirt. Any dirt or dust particles are flushed away by the constant stream of water.

What would happen if normal tap water were used to wash a window?
It will result in the glass appearing milky white in color when it dries, and you will be able to write your name on the glass surface with your finger.Eventualy it will  dry, harden and become hard water stains. This effect on the glass is due entirely to the mineral content of the tap water.
Water Fed Pole Systems work because they use the equivalent of water.
That is: Water without any mineral content, or demineralized water, so that when pure water dries it leaves the windows perfectly clean.

So whether it's commercial or residential window cleaning, QWC has an attitude similar to that of the Boy Scouts; that is to be “kind, courteous and helpful” and most important of all “Be Prepared”. QWC is fully prepared to clean any type of window, anywhere on the island at any given time. You can count on Quality Window Cleaning for their experience, excellent service and affordable costs.

We pledge to provide the highest value in window cleaning service. We will deliver superior service to every customer, every time, with100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our commitment to this pledge is your guarantee of quality performance.