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"No job is too small or too tall, we do it all"


Imperial Plaza 1993

  Quality window cleaning was created in the year 2000 by a window cleaner named Ernest Nales. He started cleaning windows and carpets in 1990 when he was just 20 years old. In 1991, the need for high rise window cleaners was in demand, so he started cleaning windows on the sides of high-rise buildings. Many new buildings went up in the early 1990s and Ernest worked on the construction clean up of many of these new buildings such as Waikiki Landmark, Nauru Tower, Ali’i Place, Imperial Plaza, 1100 Alakea Plaza, Harbor Court, Kauhale Kaka’ako; the list goes on.

  Throughout the years Ernest spent his time cleaning buildings all over Oahu and has countless hours of time in the air. With his level of experience, Ernest is able to clean any building in the United States, not just in Honolulu. Ernest went on to clean some buildings in his hometown of New York City, but returned soon after and prefers to reside in Honolulu. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some interesting pics from his past.


Nauru Tower 1994





Imperial Plaza 1993

  Ernest Nales has dedicated his entire adult life to cleaning windows and still cleans windows to this day.

In a time when some of us thought the world was coming to an end (Y2K), Ernest saw an opportunity for a new beginning, a new company, a new page in the book of time. So he started Quality Window Cleaning (QWC) and the new company was born. His goal was not to come into the market by storm with huge advertisement campaigns,and annoying telemarketers. His goal was just to continue doing good work, so he placed a small ad in the newspaper and began to grow the business from there.

  He worked his way up the ladder step by step. He gained more business simply by doing good work. Because of his good work, the customers would call him back and refer him to there neighbors, friends and family for there window cleaning needs. Before he knew it he had a full time window cleaning operation in his hands. As the years progressed, Ernest serviced a wide variety of commercial and residential clientele, such as residential home owners, realtors, property managers, restaurants, retail stores, office building managers, etc. The company motto is “No job is too Small or too Tall, We do it All!”



 In 2005 Ernest married his wife Hong, who also learned how to clean windows in the company, until they had their first son Ernest Nales III, born on 2-3-07. 


Today Hong works around the office, sending faxes and typing up invoices, while taking care of little Ernie.

  One day in the summer of 2006 Ernest was cleaning windows inside a customer’s house. He looks down and sees dirty carpets. “Well why not clean the carpets as well?” he says. So he uses the money he’s saved up cleaning windows and invests into buying carpet cleaning equipment.” Well if I’m going to clean carpets I’m going to do it right!” he says. So he buys the Rotovac carpet restoration system, six rotary spray jets and six suction wands that spin in small circles. It is the newest in carpet cleaning technology.

 Now Ernest is able to clean the dirtiest of carpets with ease, and opens the doors to the carpet cleaning branch of his business. Finding dirty carpets to clean was not hard since he had a lot of customers with dirty carpets already. Now Ernest can offer a package deal for window and carpet cleaning, two of the toughest jobs in the cleaning business.

  In the summer of 2007 Quality Window Cleaning buys South Pacific Windows window & carpet cleaning and the two companies merge together as one. During the merger, Ernest acquires the South Pacific Windows business license, the 524-9440 business listing in the yellow pages, a low moisture bonnet type carpet cleaning system, pressure washing equipment and South Pacific’s accounts. The company instantly doubles its size.

  With the low moisture bonnet type carpet cleaning equipment, Ernest is now able to clean a wide variety of commercial and residential carpets with two of the best types of carpet cleaning methods.





 Today Ernest  services high-rise,  commercial , residential windows, cleans carpets, and has a crew of 3-4 workers to meet your needs.